What the Average American Wants for Christmas


We all know that song with the child singing, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!” Well, as we get older we start wanting things a little more entertaining than that. This year, all many want for Christmas are his-and-hers Kindles! From 2010 to now, the gifts people are asking for have changed considerably.


Top Gifts 2010

During the 2010 gift-buying season, the typical US shopper spent $688.87 on gifts for others. That’s a lot of dough-ho-ho! Less expensive digital picture frames and remote control helicopters were popular, while vacuuming robots and Apple iMacs and iPods were among the favorite expensive gifts above $50 and $100.Cash, gift cards, electronics, toys, clothes, jewelry, games and sporting equipment continued to be popular and remain top choices. They’re the categories Americans cite most.


Top Gifts 2011

In 2011, the top Christmas gives were the Playstation Kinect, CoD MW3, Apple iPods and iPads, Kindles, GPS systems, Canon digital cameras and Asus lightweight laptops. For the lucky few, a Samsung 40-inch LCD HDTV will make it onto their walls.


Most Popular Toys For Toddlers

Every year, toddlers want to build, learn, play with animal toys and take care of baby dolls. 2011 is no different To gifts for children between 2 to 4 years old include easels, garbage truck toys, tea sets, the Bat cave and a Barbie townhouse.

Over 5, kids start getting into more complex games like Bananagrams and Set. Building sets remain popular as well.

Games are great choices for kids above 8 years old, with LEGO leading the way! Men are mostly interested in technology this year. Women are interested in technology too, but women also want jewelry, yoga equipment and pajamas.


Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

The worst gifts include many gifts that have made the list before. These include  scented candles, cheap gadgets, photos of yourself, socks, self-help books, themed gifts and anything out of date, thoughtless or smelly.

Gift cards, however, continue to be popular, with 77.3% of Americans having planned to buy one for someone else last year.


Christmas Shoppers By The Numbers

A fifth of Christmas gift recipients anticipate returning at least one gift last year. In 2010, 23 million people were still shopping on December 24 That means these people waited to the last minute, even though Christmas is on December 25th every year. Don’t join them this year. Get to shopping; you can do it! If it comes down to cash or homemade “love coupons,” go for the cash. And remember, you can get gift cards in grocery stores now!




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