An International Look at Women in Media Jobs

Women in the media

Women’s Presence in International Media

It’s been said that America is the land of opportunity for everyone, regardless of gender, but it this true? And does gender equality apply in the media? Do other places in the world support equality for women with careers in the media? The answer to this question is more complex than you might think. 

By dividing the world into seven regions, contradictions are apparent not just across different sides of the ocean, but within regions as well. These regions are as follows: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Nordic Europe, the Americas, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and North Africa, and Asia and Oceana.

These seven regions are ranked by the number of women employed in upper management, from highest to lowest:

Eastern Europe – 48%

Nordic Europe – 43.4%

Western Europe –  43.20%

Sub-Saharan Africa – 41.7%

The Americas – 36.8%        

Middle East and North Africa – 35.1%

Asia and Oceana – 20.7%

Roughly 35.1% of women across the world are employed in positions of some authority in media.

Average Salaries of Women in Media

With the number women are employed in a given region, the next question to ask is how their salaries compare to their male colleagues in the same field. For starters, the average salary of women in top-level management are as follows (in US dollars):

Nordic Europe – $109,230.20

Eastern Europe – $27,300.28

Western Europe – $374,324.69

The Americas – $89,242.23

Sub Saharan Africa – $28,300.34

Middle East and Northern Africa – $18,332.14

Asia and Oceania – $41,986.59

Globe with patchwork national flags Women Earn Less Than Men

In most regions, women at the top-level management earn significantly less than their male colleagues. In the Americas, for example, men earn an average of $115,934.37 compared to an average of $89,242.23 for women. The only regions not following this trend areAsia and Oceania. Heremen earn, on average, approximately $6,000 less per year than women. Eastern Europe may lead the pack when it comes to promoting female employees, yet Eastern European women earn much less than their male counterparts, a trend that is echoed in almost every region.


Women Have More Opportunity But Less Pay

The bitter reality still holds truefor women expecting to advance in the field of media. Their jobswill likely pay less than their male counterparts and fewer opportunities exist for promotion. However, there is a bright spot. Women in Nordic Europe, specifically in Finland and Sweden, have the best chance for advancement and  a high salary, despite the fact that their salaries are still much lower than men in the same field.





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